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Real Estate Law in Western New York

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Attorney

At The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha, we work with buyers and sellers at all stages of real estate transactions, from the negotiation of contracts through closing. If you are selling or purchasing residential or commercial property, you may be working with a realtor.  It is an attorney's job to obtain and pass a good, clean and marketable title and to represent your interests at closing. Your realtor's job is to match a seller with a purchaser.

If you are purchasing property, we will review the purchase agreement and make recommendations. We will review the title documents and take the steps necessary to secure a clear title.  We will review and prepare all documents required to complete the transaction, including the sales contract, deeds, mortgages, financing instruments, easements and restrictive covenants. We will review the closing documents and attend the closing. [ Schedule a Consultation]

  • Residential Purchases
  • Residential Sales
  • Commercial Purchases
  • Commercial Sales

Title Insurance

The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha also provide Title Insurance. Rates may be viewed at

Leases - Residential

The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha provide focused knowledge and experience in landlord-tenant matters to our Western New York neighbors. Our firm has considerable experience representing both sides of these disputes, which gives our clients an edge as we are readily able to anticipate our opposition's legal position or strategy and guide our clients accordingly.

The landlord-tenant relationship can often be adversarial, and the legal process is based on this dynamic. Whether you are the property owner or the tenant, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel as soon as disputes arise. [ Schedule a Consultation]

Lender Representation

The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha have extensive experience handling the needs of lenders. Whether you need assistance with origination, loss mitigation, negotiating workouts, or completing deeds in lieu of foreclosure, our law offices can provide skilled assistance. When working with The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha, you will feel secure in knowing that we keep clients apprised of any updates or changes while preventing costly errors. Moreover, we conduct a complete examination of documentation to offer the best quality services to our clients. [ Schedule a Consultation]

Commercial Evictions

The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha assists commercial landlords, apartment complexes, and property managers with the eviction of tenants for reasons including the non-payment of rent, the expiration of a lease, the expiration of month-to-month tenancy, and tenant misconduct, such as breaking lease terms. The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha also assist in evicting prior owners or persons still in possession of a property after a foreclosure. [ Schedule a Consultation]

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha have represented both landlords and tenants.  We have seen a wide variety of cases and are familiar with particular issues that each side faces. This unique perspective allows us to provide our clients with effective solutions to their landlord-tenant problems.

If you are tenant or landlord, you may be dealing with a situation where the other party is not living up to their obligations under the lease.  Perhaps, your landlord won't return your deposit, your landlord won't make timely repairs and maintenance to the property, your tenant won't pay rent, or, you want to evict a tenant.  The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha represents landlords and tenants throughout Erie and Niagara County. From evictions to drafting leases, we can help you take the appropriate legal action to protect your rights. [ Schedule a Consultation]

Foreclosures for Lending Institutions and Private Lenders

At The Law Offices of Melissa A. Tocha, we handle both residential and commercial property foreclosures. Attorney Melissa A. Tocha is very hands-on, providing end-to-end service (foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, REO closing, and title) to her clients.  Our experienced and skilled firm manages and communicates the status of each file every step of the way.  Our goal is to exceed customary legal services by insisting on the personal communication between our firm and our clients throughout the entire process. [ Schedule a Consultation]

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